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Your Short Sale

Survival Kit will


  • Short Sale Checklist – everything you will ever need
  • Call Tracking Log for Short Sales
  • Short Sale Contact and Tracking Info Summary
  • Form 1099, Cancellation of Debt, Short Sales, Foreclosures & Income Tax Exposure
  • Authorization document for my Realtor® to communicate on my behalf
  • BPO's Don't Work - Why you as a Loss Mitigator shouldn't use a BPO
  • Short Sale Argument Grid example - Cost to Carry a Home
  • Proof that the Bank Looses if They Don't Short Sale Calculator
  • Total Cost and Benefit Calculator
  • Copy of an approved HUD
  • How Credit is Affected by a Short Sale
  • Personal Financial Statement Form
  • Sample Hardship Letter
  • Getting the MI company in the loop at the same time as the lender
  • Don't Touch my Commissions (Realtor®)
  • Don't try and Reaffirm my Clients Deficiency Legal Letter (Realtor®)
  • Proof that we can negotiate short sales for buyers in under 30 days
  • Proof that Home Owners Associations do Foreclose 
  • Valley Home Prices Continue Downward Article as of Oct 1st 2008
  • NVC Market Report 1 - The # of Active Foreclosures in AZ
  • NVC Market Report 2 - The # of Properties that don't get sold at auction
  • NAR's the Short Sale Workflow (Realtor®)
  • Affidavit of Disclosure (Realtor®)
  • Code of Ethics (Realtor®)
  • License Issues (Realtor®)
  • MLS Short Sale Policy (Realtor®)
  • Professional Conduct (Realtor®)
  • Short Sale Addendum (Realtor®)
  • Properties actually sold at Auction
  • Home Appreciation by State 3rd Quarter
  • No Punches on the Deficiency
  • Chart - Current Phoenix in Foreclosure by Zip
  • Chart - Maricopa Foreclosure filings november 2008
  • Chart - Disposition of Filed Notices
  • FHA New Short Sale Requirements
  • Banks Sitting on a Time Bomb
  • July 2009 Graphs